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Tha Muevete Sampler

by ThaGataNegrra

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I Like 05:11
I Like (I'm diggin' on ya, babe...I'm diggin' on ya babe (I'm diggin' on ya babe...I'm diggin' on ya babe) (hook) (Ooh, I like) I'm diggin' on ya, babe Just checkin' out the way you look And all I can say is... (Ooh, I like) Watchin' how you move Deep down in the groove so hot And boy, all I can say is... (repeat) Yeh...he knew he had it Like every chyck was s'posed to come to him He only had three words: “hey,” “c'mon,” and “please” “Hey” for “how ya doin'” “C'mon” to get me on the floor “Please...” when I looked at him like, “What?” (what?) I went (mmnh) I figured, “whatever...” (whatever) And...oh, my God All I could think was (You got me in a spin I need some oxygen [can't breathe] So sexy it's a sin) Look alright, moves so tight, and (You got me in a spin I need some oxygen [so sexy] So sexy it's a sin) Got the work, make me hurt... and (hook) The floor was ours Nobody could hang with our cipher (no-one) He moved like...damn No, grrl, really—damn So I moved like...damn We was bad I mean...really bad... Still... no words We said a lot anyway And this kid, he had me gone (gone) In my head, I was like: (You fit the right profile I like your roguish style [so bad] You 'bout to drive me wild Sense done left, yer cute to death... and What you gon' do with this I got you on my list [right here] Ooh, boy I can't resist) Make me bad, best you had, uh Just under the groove, we heard: What kinda work ya got What kinda work ya got Step up, make it hot What kinda work do you got (repeat) (hook)
Come Show Me 03:53
Come Show Me (Feel the mighty high) (Feel the mighty high) Getcher body... low Getcher body low (Get up) (Get up) (Feel the mighty high) Getcher body low (Get with this) That's right-- you know you wanna (Get up) You heard what the rhythm say so (Get up) (hook) Come show me you can work it like a job Come on boy, it's not that hard Come show me you can do it like you do Show me good so I can do it just like you I thought you said you had some work I can't tell You standin' in the corner Like I can't get up on ya The whole idea-- I'll make it clear- is to phunk it up I know you understand that It's on your face-- and yet You got yer back up on the wall tryin' to hold it up Tonight I'm all about you The wall will stand without you So come show me Let me see the ounces in your bounce Boy you got no excuse Shake it loose (hook) Now didn't you say you had some game you could flip on me So show me how to play it Come set it off and stay with It's not so hard I'm a quick study, no doubt You make it look so easy Sometimes looks are deceiving But, no, you don't mislead me you feed me your force I ain't afraid to use it if you ain't scared to lose it Beyond the groove it behooves you to make a move So...(move me, baby) (hook)
I Feel You 04:49
I Feel You (hook) The way you ride the beat at the club I feel you It would be easy fallin' in love I feel you You take control when I'm on the floor That's whatcha do And I don't stand around anymore I feel you Half past ten and you get on to spin I'm on the floor again not wantin' to say when Cuz when the beat drops the whole world stops And starts and stops for you while you assault the 2s Just can't help myself my tension melts I feel the need to dance obeyin' your commands And I'm like: “Oh, yeh—hit me again “Oh, yes, hit me again” You get all in my soul and I feel you takin' hold (hook) Boy, you send that groove And I just move I wish you'd quit the booth so you can feel me, too Cuz when you spin my joint I'm so on point You make me feel so free; you work from inside me The bass just pounds and I just break it down I see you check me out wonderin' what I'm about So make it hurt-- ah, hit me again God, boy, hit me again I love you in control I surrender to the flow (hook) Half past twelve and I'm just not myself I get this way for you and not for no-one else Cuz when your beat drops my heart just stops And starts and stops for you when you get on the 2s You give me more like you're on the floor It's like you're here with me when my eyes lock with yours Just Oh God, hit me again Ooh, yeh-- hit me again You make me lose control Ride the beat and don't let go


A sampler of the dance tracks on the full-length CD GATA City...for those who just wanna get on the floor and sweat.


released August 1, 2013

G. Negrra, R. Miles, J. Williams, V. Jones


all rights reserved



ThaGataNegrra Newark, New Jersey

ThaGataNegrra is a genre-bending alternative hip-hop artist.

Dubbed "NJ's real-life Catwoman" by Indie Flava Magazine, the Newark, NJ native's "full-bottle, in-your-face" "kawaii-hop" sound rocked the second and third seasons of the groundbreaking hit Hulu show "East Los High". ... more


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